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I’m a first time screenwriter. I have jumped steps in terms of my development as a screenwriter. Main reason is that I was amongst brilliant and dedicated writers and some of the best mentors who helped to clarify my screenwriting process and what I need to do to get to my next level.

My heart is overflowing with joy. This trip tops every other trips I’ve been on. It gives a big boost to my writing career and it fulfills a longing to have screenwriter friends and to be among animals in the wild. Thanks Eve


So much fun!! What a feeling - one of the “bestest” times of my life 

Peaches Ledwidge, Writer

Testimonial by writer Angela Olinghouse

Testimonial by mentor Joey Tuccio

Testimonial by writer Theoline Maphutha

Testimonial by mentor Joey Tuccio

Testimonial by mentor Meg LeFauve

Testimonial by writer Jonno Proudfoot 

Testimonial by writer Ellie Wallace

Testimonial from mentor Dan O'Shannon

Testimonial by writer Nyembezi Phiri

Testimonial from writer Peaches Ledwidge

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