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Dan O'Shannon

Writer for TV shows Cheers, Frasier & Executive Producer on Modern Family

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DAN O’SHANNON - A highly successful and respected American television writer and producer  who has worked on shows such as NewhartCheers, and Frasier. He was an executive producer of the ABC show Modern Family


Awards, nominations and honours

O'Shannon has won six Emmy awards for his TV work over the past 25+ years (five for Modern Family, and one for Cheers). He has earned five awards and five nominations for Modern Family, three nominations for Frasier and four nominations and one award for Cheers.  He has received five Writers Guild of America Awards (WGA) awards including three for Modern Family, one for Frasier, and one for a special television event, Time-Warner Presents the Earth Day Special. He has received several Golden Globe Awards.

O'Shannon received an Academy Award writing nomination for Redux Riding Hood, an animated short produced by Disney. That short film was nominated for an Annie Award. He wrote and produced The Fan and the Flower, an animated short which received an Annie Award.

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